DLL Errors

User32.dll Errors

A User32.dll file is necessary for the operation of Windows. Windows uses this type of file for the storage of graphic elements such as windows and/or dialog boxes. When these files get corrupted or deleted the end result can be a User32.dll error. Symptoms of User32.dll Errors Like many Windows based errors that can occur, the telltale sign of a User32.dll error is an annoying pop-up style error message. In extreme cases, you will not be able to access Windows because of the User32.dll error. Causes of User32.dll Errors The most common cause for a User32.dll error is a User32.dll file that has become corrupt or accidentally deleted. This can happen due to a virus or any other type of malware. Fixing User32.dll Errors There are two ways in which you can approach a User32.dll error. The first way would only apply if you know the program that is causing
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Trayapp Error

Trayapp is a specific type of software that is automatically installed with most HP printer products. The software is needed so that the HP device in question can scan properly as well as print photos. This type of software is also known as HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software. Occasionally, a Trayapp error can and will occur. Trayapp Error Symptoms When a Trayapp error occurs you will not be able to use your HP printer effectively. Furthermore, a manual forced shutdown will be required each time you log off of your computer. This is not a problem that will go away on its own and will likely only get worse if left alone. Cause of a Trayapp Error   Though a Trayapp error can have several causes there are a couple of more common causes that typically are the culprits. One would be that the MSI file used for the application
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Facing a Checksum Error with Your PC

A Checksum is a redundancy check that runs for all PCs at startup. All the bits and data that are on your PC are added up and then a hash is created. If the hash matches what it is supposed to be, then all is good, but when this goes wrong a Checksum Error is born. Checksum Error Symptoms A Checksum Error will occur at startup most of the time however, it can occasionally happen at a time of normal computing. When a Checksum Error does occur there is a large pop up message that alerts you to the problem. If left unchecked for too long, further symptoms could include an inability to startup your PC properly. Checksum Error Causes The most common cause of a Checksum Error is a faulty battery. When this is the case, the motherboard of your PC is not being adequately supplied the power it
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Do-It-Yourself Solution for msvcp90d.dll Problems

Those who are looking to learn the C++ programming language that can be used to create various programs for computers, need to have a crucial file working at all times. This file is the msvcp90d.dll file and when there is a problem with the msvcp90d.dll file it is usually in the form of the file not being able to be located. This in turn leads to the C++ program not working properly and making it utterly useless for the user. What Causes a msvcp90d.dll Problem? When you receive a msvcp90d.dll not found error message that is exactly what is happening. The computer can€™t find the appropriate file and therefore can`€™t give you the access you are attempting to gain to the C++ program. This can be caused by a number of factors including accidental deletion, a corrupt file or files on the registry, or the installation of the C++ program
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Do-It-Yourself Solution for qtwebkit4.dll Problems

Dll errors will occur to almost every computer regardless of what brand you have. Unfortunately, these errors are just errors that will occur with everyday use of your PC. One of the most common dll errors that happens today is the qtwebkit4.dll error. While you might not think anything of this error as it really won’t present too much trouble at first, if left ignored, it can cause all sorts of problems for your computer. This includes freezes, crashes, network connectivity failure, and even the Blue Screen of Death. What Causes qtwebkit4.dll Problems? Like all dll errors, there are a number of factors that can create a qtwebkit4.dll error to occur. Some of the more common causes are accidentally deleting the qtwebkit4.dll file while uninstalling a program, not uninstalling a program properly thus leaving the old version of the qtwebkit4.dll and a new version to overlap one another, or  a
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Do-It-Yourself Solution for adctrlsres.dll Problems

If you are experiencing adctrlsres.dll errors you are likely not able to access anything to do with your Autodesk program as Autodesk, Inc. is where the files would have originated. Therefore, an adctrlsres.dll error message will render your Autodesk experience useless and if left alone, the problem will only get worse and possibly begin to disrupt other areas of your computer’s performance. What Causes an adctrlsres.dll Problem? When an adctrlsres.dll error is occurring it is usually due to conflicting applications that are likely running at the same time on your computer. An error message will typically alert you to the problem. This can lead to corrupt files within your computer’s registry, but since you are the one who installed the Autodesk program onto your computer, you too can fix the program when it runs into annoying adctrlsres.dll problems. How to Fix adctrlsres.dll Problems There are several ways to go about
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Do-It-Yourself Solution for ieframe.dll Problems

For those who use Internet Explorer, it is critical that the file known as ieframe.dll is working properly. This is a file that allows the popular web browser to translate the HTML code that comprises web pages into what the typical person sees when surfing online. If your computer is experiencing ieframe.dll problems, then error messages are common and you will simply not be able to view the internet properly. What Causes ieframe.dll Problems? The ieframe.dll errors you are experiencing are primarily caused by your system failing to read a file in the proper manner. This can be due to a damaged computer or a corrupt file or files on the computer. Some of the more common error messages associated with ieframe.dll errors are: ieframe.dll is corrupt ieframe.dll is missing ieframe.dll cannot be found Anytime such errors start to pop up it is usually only a matter of time before
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File Missing Errors at Startup/Shutdown

With even the newest computers, you may experience missing file errors in the forms of messages either during startup or during shutdown. Either can be frustrating as your computer will obviously not operate properly if you are unable to turn it off and on. Common Symptoms Depending on the error, your computer will either freeze during startup or shutdown, or just take an extra long time to accomplish one of the two tasks. Many times you can be clued into a potential problem as an error message stating what file is missing will pop up on the screen and disallow you to perform startup and/or shutdown properly. Possible Causes The most basic cause of these types of errors is the accidental or intentional deletion of part of the startup or shutdown files. Another common cause of this type of error is malware or a virus embedding itself into your computer’s
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DLL Errors Fixing

DLL, or .dll as it is more widely known, stands for Dynamic Link Library. The .dll was developed in order to allow multiple programs to run at the same time from your Windows operated computer and, just like with many other programs, there can be DLL errors that need to be addressed from time to time. Common Symptoms Think of your computer’s DLL as a bunch of roads that are all intertwined. If one of those roads is to be shutdown, the other roads can’t function properly and this will lead to an overall shutdown. In the case of DLL errors, you know you have one as your system will freeze due to one of these ‘roads’ shutting down and an error message will pop up on screen saying you have a .dll error followed by a series of numbers which signify what the actual error is. Possible Causes While
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Common DLL Errors

DLL is an acronym for Dynamic Link Library and it was developed so that users could run many programs at the same time. Because of this vast system that was created with DLLs, there are many DLL errors that can occur, some that are more common than others. Corefoundation.dll Error This is an Apple iTunes software that frequently runs into trouble. When trouble happens, you are typically alerted with a ‘missing’ or ‘not found’ error when you start your computer or when you load your file. The most seen cause of this common DLL error is malware infection. D3dx9_x.dll Error If Windows can’t run this Direct X application from Microsoft, then chances are that there is a problem with your computer’s registry. This common DLL error can greatly influence the performance of your computer. HAL.dll Error This file is a hidden file that is used by Windows XP to help
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