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Media Player Error 800706be

A Media Player Error 800706be is an error that will occur in direct relation with using Windows Media Player. This problem is one that is usually the result of a corrupted file and can mean an unstable operating system and further problems if not swiftly taken care of. Symptoms of Media Player Error 800706be When Media Player Error 800706be occurs it is known instantly as a pop-up style error window appears alerting the PC user to the problem. Another sign that Media Player Error 800706be may be lurking is the inability to use Windows Media Player properly. Causes of Media Player Error 800706be In most cases, Media Player Error 800706be is caused by a corrupt file. This may be due to a bad system file within the computer’s registry or it may even be that a virus has corrupted a specific file. Fixing Media Player Error 800706be Fixing Media Player
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User32.dll Errors

A User32.dll file is necessary for the operation of Windows. Windows uses this type of file for the storage of graphic elements such as windows and/or dialog boxes. When these files get corrupted or deleted the end result can be a User32.dll error. Symptoms of User32.dll Errors Like many Windows based errors that can occur, the telltale sign of a User32.dll error is an annoying pop-up style error message. In extreme cases, you will not be able to access Windows because of the User32.dll error. Causes of User32.dll Errors The most common cause for a User32.dll error is a User32.dll file that has become corrupt or accidentally deleted. This can happen due to a virus or any other type of malware. Fixing User32.dll Errors There are two ways in which you can approach a User32.dll error. The first way would only apply if you know the program that is causing
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The Dreaded 100% CPU Usage Message

If there is one thing no PC user wants to see it is that their CPU usage is at 100%. When this occurs it signifies that there are major troubles ahead and it is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. 100% CPU Usage Symptoms If your PC is letting you know that your CPU usage is at 100% you will likely know it. Because this means that all of your available memory is being used, your PC will slow dramatically. In some cases, if not attended to in a timely manner, this problem can lead to far worse consequences such as frequent freezes and/or crashes. 100% CPU Usage Causes There are many factors that can attribute to your 100% CPU Usage troubles. In some cases it may be that your PC has very little, or even cheap, memory. However, it is more commonly a problem with the
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Service Pack 3 Error

Service Pack 3 is a quick fix type of support for PC users that have Windows XP as their operating system. However, what is meant to be used as an aid can sometimes turn into a hindrance and when it does a Service Pack 3 Error will occur. Service Pack 3 Error Symptoms When a Service Pack 3 Error occurs you are alerted with a message. Most commonly you can expect to see messages such as “Service Pack 3 Error. Access is denied” or even “Service Pack 3 setup error. Service Pack installation did not complete.” No matter what message you get the end result will be the same; Service Pack 3 will not work for your PC. What Causes Service Pack 3 Error These types of errors generally occur due to system registry keys disallowing the Service Pack 3 to load. This can happen due to old and outdated
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CD-ROM Not Responding

When your computer has a CD-ROM Not Responding problem it means you can`€™t run programs that require a CD. It might also mean that there is much more going on with your computer than you might realize so you should address the situation right away. CD-ROM Not Responding Symptoms Anytime you are having CD-ROM Not Responding problems you will know it as you will not be able to use your computer’s CD-ROM for anything. This means no program running, no CD playing and, if it is a burnable CD-ROM, you will also lose the ability to burn any data to disc. CD-ROM Not Responding Causes The range of culprits that can be at the root of your CD-ROM Not Responding problems is wide. It can be anything from a CD that is dirty to a corrupt computer registry. It might also be that your CD-ROM device drivers are out of
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Low Disk Space Error Solutions

A Low Disk Space Error can occur if you are a PC user trying to access the local hard disk on your computer and there is little space left. While the warning is a necessary one to have, the fact that you will receive this message every few seconds as long as you are online is a fact that is rather annoying. Low Disk Space Error Symptoms When this error occurs you are alerted with a pop up style error message. As mentioned, you will get this message every few seconds which is really doing nothing more than trying to get you to deal with the issue. Low Disk Space Error Causes Logically, the most common cause of a Low Disk Space Error is going to be a disk drive that is actually low on space. However, it might also be that your disk drive has space available, but it
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What to Do When Your Computer Says There is Not Enough Memory

Anytime that you decide to try to load a program or just run one you may come across an error that states there is not enough memory for your computer to execute the task. While it might be the case that your computer is just running out of memory, it might be something else and something that can be addressed. Not Enough Memory Symptoms When you computer`€™s memory is really running low it may take longer to access certain files and/or programs. Additionally, you may not be able to execute certain tasks such as run a .wav file. When this happens you will see an error message that reads something like: €œNot enough memory available to complete this operation. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory, and then try again.” Not Enough Memory Causes When your computer is telling you there is not enough memory then there are
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Fixing Your Mouse Freeze

There is little that is more frustrating for a PC user than having a mouse freeze while being in the middle of work or play. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to the majority of the PC users out there, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need a new mouse. Mouse Freeze Symptoms When your mouse freezes you certainly know it. It’s kind of like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. When you mouse freezes up there is literally nothing you can do. Whatever program you are in, you are stuck in until your mouse is unfrozen. Mouse Freeze Causes When your mouse decides to freeze up it is usually at a very inopportune time and this can happen for several reasons. It may be that the sensors that are a part of your mouse are dirty. This happens a lot with a track-ball style mouse. If
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Identify and Prevent Spyware/Adware

Spyware and adware are two things that can spread total destruction on your computer. If left untreated for too long, your computer may be susceptible to slowdowns or even crashes due to spyware and adware. Spyware/Adware and How to Identify Them Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on your computer without your knowledge. The spyware will then collect little pieces of information and send it to a third party where it will be used for who knows what. Adware is a type of software that contains automatic advertising in it. You know the annoying pop ups that come up on your computer? That’s adware. By itself it is relatively harmless, but when mixed with spyware, it can be turned into something that invades your privacy and is used to steal your valuable and private information. Spyware/Adware and How to Prevent Them The most logical step to take
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Steps to Tuning Up Your Computer

Tuning up your computer will help it run the way that it was meant to. Over time, if your computer is not maintained it can go slower due to a number of reasons and if left untreated, you can eventually be left with a computer that runs as slow as molasses. What Causes Your Computer to Run Slow Your computer can run slow for many different reasons. Some of the most common are: Corrupt files Corrupt registry Corrupt programs Viruses Fragmented files The list goes on and on so if you are not on top of things, you can see why your computer will lose speed. Steps to Tuning Up Your Computer – Putting it into action Update Regularly: Run regular Windows Updates as well as updates for all your critical applications. Many of these have an option where you can have the updates run automatically. Use Anti-Virus Software: You
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    Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP & 2000

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